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Memory Lessons: a Fascinating Book Combining Personal Stories with Professional Advice

Dr. Jerald Winakur is the doctor we all wish we had, if not for ourselves, for our elders. His book, Memory Lessons: A Doctor's Story, suffers from a bland cover and a deceivingly simplified subtitle, but don't let that fool you. This doctor is a writer. He is a story teller. He is a gift to his patients and to us, the reader. In Memory Lessons, Winakur tells stories of his humble beginnings, the son of an immigrant pawn shop owner. He intertwines stories of his youth growing up in a tough neighborhood with a hardworking family that just wanted to make ends meet, with his medical education and eventual career as a gerontologist. 

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You definitely need the help of your local Alzheimer's Association. You should be able to find them in the phone book or go to Keep reading the blog and you may want to sign up for the free newsletter.

Try to get some relief by getting away, make friends online (I moderate a forum on and the caregivers there are terrific), and get educated by the professional at the Alz. Association other Alz. group in your area.

Take care,

My husband of 55 years has dementia. He will not accept it and becomes very upset toward me. I am at my wit's end. He accused me of bad things and then sudenly starts to talk about something completly different and he is not angry any longer. I am older than he is and needs help as I am beginning to loose my health. What to do and where can I turn for help.

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