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Technology in Caregiving Welcome But Can’t Be Allowed to Replace Human Connection

New Study on Education and Alzheimer’s Contradicts Some Previous Research

New research is fine-tuning one older belief and standing another on its ear. In an article by HealthDay reporter Carolyn Colwell titled, "Education Doesn't Slow Alzheimer's Decline: Large, 14-year study finds no effect, contradicting previous research," several ideas once taken as fact are, at least for now, proven flawed or down right wrong. The study was conducted at Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center, Rush University Medical Center, in Chicago. There are findings in this study that are to me, quite frankly, rather hard to distinguish from an earlier study. Older studies, such as the one I wrote about in, "More Education Means A Lesser Chance of Getting Alzheimer's, Dementia," showed that people with more education took longer to show symptoms of Alzheimer's.


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