Fargo Flood: Evacuating Seniors
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All Fargo Nursing Homes Evacuated Just In Case

Even nursing homes in the higher elevations of Fargo and Moorhead have been evacuated, even though it's looking more and more like the core city, at least Fargo (Moorhead is having sewer backup)  will be safe. My heart goes out to the elders who are confused and frightened, and can't understand what is happening. Families have been upset as they track their loved ones.

Even Mayor Walaker didn't know where his mother was for a time. The nursing home administrators have worked hard at notifying families, so that problem now seems taken care of.

One great 93-year-old was quoted as saying, "Well, I don't like this much, but even though I can swim, I can't swim that well!" Fortunately, this gentleman was very alert and understood what was happening. It's the people who can't understand that break my heart. But it would be worse if they had to be taken out as flood waters rise.

That possiblity seems less likely now, though a blizzard coming in on top of the flood problems is not good news. It's good to have the elders safe.


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That must be really hard on them, but when I first read your headline, it took me back to Katrina. I'm sure they'd prefer to be safe than sorry. Still, it must be difficult on all them.


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