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Many of you know that I’ve expanded Minding Our Elders to give readers more nuts and bolts help. Support of caregivers who’ve walked the path is vital to breaking the isolation they often feel. Caregivers can renew themselves by talking with other caregivers. They also learn that some of their less than kind thoughts, brought on by overwork and under appreciation, are normal and not nasty. So, offering support will always drive me to do what I do.

My links pages offer many valuable resources. However, I’ve joined forces with a company called ElderCarelink. After a process of elimination, I found them to be the best overall resource for caregivers looking for care agencies, or just trying to figure out what is available in the region their elder lives.

ElderCarelink, a national online elder care referral service, has helped over 450,000 families find quality local elder care resources to support their needs. The company is continually adding businesses to its roster, so caregivers around the country can, by taking a brief survey, decide on the services they need and the best available businesses to provide these services.

Through a new program we are offering together, agencies that sign up with ElderCarelink are now offered a free, national press release  that goes out on Google, Lexis/Nexis, Yahoo and other search engines. Most are picked up by their local papers. There is a hot link, in the press release, to the agency’s Web site. This is bringing new agencies into the fold, from all over the country.

Through my collaboration with ElderCarelink, I’m hoping to help long-distance caregivers find ways to help the elder who lives far away. That’s one of the most worrisome kinds of caregiving, so this is a valuable tool. Of course, it works great locally, as well. With hard work, we should soon have options for people in nearly every part of the country.

So, care agencies, if you are interested in joining the referral network, contact George Novoson, Vice President, ElderCarelink  by phone at 781-769-7295 or e-mail at gnovoson@eldercarelink.com. George is a great guy who will help you understand the benefits of being part of ElderCarelink.

Readers wanting to know what agencies are available in a specific locale can take this brief survey and get some real help.


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