Evacuating Elders in a Disaster
All Fargo Nursing Homes Evacuated Just In Case

Fargo Flood: Evacuating Seniors

Nursing homes and other facilities have been evacuating seniors for safety. It’s heart-wrenching to watch, as their confusion and that of the families is nearly incomprehensible. The last time we were in such a fix – in 1997 – Fargo didn’t have to evacuate, but smaller towns had to boat people out, and that was more traumatic for everyone. Families didn't know where their loved ones were.


This evacuation was precautionary, and will likely be proven “unnecessary” in the end, as most of the city should stay dry (God willing – if the dikes hold back the water for the next week).


Then, there will be a lot of second guessing by families. Was it necessary to put the elders through this? Well, the city leaders make the best decisions they can, and the idea of getting vulnerable people out before they have to be put in freezing boats and carried without wheelchairs was prudent.


Still, there will be a lot of fallout. They’ve made each decision on a facility basis, and I’ll be checking after it’s all over to see what each facility did. I don’t want to add to their agony by getting in the way now.


Watch for updates.


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