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All Fargo Nursing Homes Evacuated Just In Case

One great 93-year-old was quoted as saying, "Well, I don't like this much, but even though I can swim, I can't swim that well!" Fortunately, this gentleman was very alert and understood what was happening. It's the people who can't understand that break my heart. But it would be worse if they had to be taken out as flood waters rise. Read more →

Sugar and Aging: What’s the connection?

Unfortunately, advancing years brought out my inner child. I'm now a hardcore sweet eater, at least some of the time. I cycle with it. We know sugar isn't good for our teeth. We know it puts on unhealthy weight. But breast milk is sweet for a reason. The human infant is drawn to sweets, and we don't seem to outgrow that attraction. Read more →

ElderCarelink Expands Roster of National Agencies

Through my collaboration with ElderCarelink, I’m hoping to help long-distance caregivers find ways to help the elder who lives far away. That’s one of the most worrisome kinds of caregiving, so this is a valuable tool. Of course, it works great locally, as well. With hard work, we should soon have options for people in nearly every part of the country. Read more →

When is Assisted Living the Right Solution For Elder Care?

Henry was the only person there who was a long-term resident. His old neighbors had moved to be closer to kids, or chose assisted living, or needed a nursing home or – died. But Henry wasn’t budging. He’d watch TV during the day, or at least have it turned on “for company.” He’d doze in his chair most of the day and then not sleep at night. Read more →

Memory Jogging Puzzles Helpful Tool for People with Dementia

The puzzle designs are copied from Norman Rockwell's Saturday Evening Post covers. "Memory Jogging Puzzles" have large, sturdy pieces that are easy to handle. These puzzles are made of wood. Cardboard puzzles, with nostalgic themes, are also offered. Read more →

It’s a good book, in and of itself. But American’s struggling with the issues of helping our parents get the care they need through our complicated health system will find this look at the Canadian system interesting. The system is not perfect, by any means Read more →