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Family conflict over elder care can be helped by mediation

Are you sick of arguing with Dad over his driving? Is Mom unable to handle her checkbook, but she'll be darned if she'll let "you kids" take over? Is your older brother dead set against Dad going to a locked Alzheimer's unit, even though he's wandered away from Mom's care three times, once in the dead of winter? Family problems can get sticky. Well, we all know that. But when our parents are getting to a point where it's evident that they can't make decisions for themselves, but they are too strong-willed or set on maintaining what they view as their independence, sometimes a trained third party can help wade through the pool of family dynamics that has remained stagnant for decades.

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Thanks Carol.
Having a third party can be very helpful. Just recently, my mother and I could not communicate very well on some issues related to assisted living. Inserted my sister into the discussion helped a great deal, because she was (for this issue) a neutral third party. The same points were discussed, but the often come across in a different light from a neutral third party.

Thanks for always publishing such great stuff!

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