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Hope From One Who Lives With Dementia

One of my co-bloggers on the Alzheimer's site is Leah, who has vascular dementia. Leah's insight, humor and courage are a huge inspiration to many. I am particularly taken with the following post:

Holding On To Hope

For those with vascular dementia…or for that matter, for anyone with the beginning of any form of dementia…it is important to keep HOPE in their life.  This is not to say that one should expect a miracle, although praying for one is not out of the question.  It is to say that without hope, one just withdraws within and shrivels up.  Giving up is one of the biggest deterrents to living a full life. I have been writing this blog for almost two years now.  When I was diagnosed with vascular dementia, I must admit that I went into a downward tailspin for a while. 

Read more on Holding Onto Hope:

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