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Using the Arts to Promote Quality of Life for People With Alzheimer’s

No matter what our age or health situation is, music, as well as the other fine arts and crafts, help most of us live life more fully. Assisted living centers, nursing homes and adult day services have for years focused on music and art as entertainment, as well as therapy, for their residnts. Read more →

Dad Won’t Shower and Change his Clothes. What Do I Do?

Sometimes the issue is depression. If we have a parent who no longer takes an interest in staying clean or wearing clean clothes, it’s wise to look at depression first. A checkup with a doctor is a good idea, especially if low energy is also part of it, or if they just don’t care about anything at all. Depression isn’t always obvious to an observer. Read more →

Family conflict over elder care can be helped by mediation

One resource that is being sought by families who disagree about the care of an elder is "elder mediation." NPR.org recently ran an informative article titled, "Mediators Help Families With Tough Choices Of Aging." The article acknowledges that family dynamics enter into the picture, once siblings are faced with decisions about their aging parents. Read more →

Five Steps Caregivers Can Take If They Are Unhappy With a Senior Care Center

I think most of us approach the idea of sharing the care of an elder with a lot of trepidation. We have cared for them with one-on-one loving attention. We know their history, their preferences, their tempers and their needs. Bringing others, no matter how experienced, into the equation is counterintuitive Read more →

Minding Our Elders Column in Your Newspaper?

Believe me, newspapers are fighting for their lives. They want to know what readers are looking for. Most newspapers are trying to lure the twenty-somethings into their readership net. Nothing wrong with that. But in doing so, many are ignoring the vast audience of boomers who are caregivers, as well as their senior readers who want information for themselves or who are caregivers for their spouse and want support for that daunting task. Minding Our Elders, in print and online, is an affordable way for them to provide this support. The popular column has been running since 2005, so it has history on its side. Read more →

Questions About Nursing Homes Answered

Yet, for some, there isn't much choice. And it is far wiser for the caregiver to say, "I'll always take care of you in the best way that I can," than to make that promise. Because the day could come when the best way to care for a loved one is to share the care with a nursing home. You will still be honoring the promise. Read more →

Hope From One Who Lives With Dementia

Still being what would be considered a newly wed, I anguished over “what I had gotten my husband into”. I immediately thought that I needed to divorce him so that he wouldn’t have to travel this path with me. But, I was giving him much less credit than he deserved. I have never told him about my thoughts of divorce…I guess he’ll know now when he reads this blog… It was his response that helped me find the hope I needed and the fight that would ensue. I push myself to be the best I can because he believes I can. Read more →

Positive News About Potential of Alzheimer’s Drug to Help Those With Traumatic Head Injuries

Unfortunately, the result of Dad's operation was disastrous. He came out of the surgery totally demented. He was given several anti-psychotics, each of which made him worse. He was moved to a nursing home, where he lived ten years, until his death. I've written often about those years and how we coped. That is another story. Read more →