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Disaster Preparation: What if You Must Evacuate Your Elder?

She gets upset and worried when she must leave the house, as she doesn't recognize her surroundings and fear sets in. She's in a state of paranoia most of the time. The person on television is talking to her. The paper carrier is trying to break in. The UPS person is breaking down the door. Now, because of a flood Read more →

Your Questions About Adult Day Care Answered

nyway, the whole concept came too late for me and my elders. Several years later, when I met the woman again, I asked her how her venture had gone. She said the day care had failed. She was, as she put it, before her time. The woman then bought a franchise of a widely known in-home care agency and has run that ever since. Read more →

Laughter Best Medicine For Dementia

This particular form of dementia is different that the rest in that it is not age-related and its progression is slower. In many ways, if I could choose a form of dementia to get, it would be vascular dementia. In my case, I didn’t have to choose; I developed vascular dementia after a series of mini strokes over a two year period. Read more →