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Worried About Your Parents' Debt?

This is an issue that is not discussed as openly as it might be. A good article on the subject, by June A. Schroede, is titled, "Are Caregivers Responsible for Their Parent's Debt?" The article is posted on and begins:

"I was recently asked “Am I responsible for my parent's debt? What if as a caregiver, I recently discovered that my father has several thousand of dollars of debt. Are parent debts transferable?” 

The answer is ‘No!” 

This question often comes up in cases like this, but even if you have power of attorney you are not liable for his debt nor can they be transferred to you (unless you cosigned for them or are listed as a joint debtor)."

Read the full article on parents and who is responsible for their debt on

Find agencies in your parents' area that can help with their care: 


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