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Study Shows Vitamin D Helps Brain Speed up Information Processing

The research focused on more than 3,000 European men and the levels of vitamin D found in their blood. With a simple test using pen and paper, the researchers found that the men with higher levels of vitamin D performed consistently better when tested on their attention to the task and the speed at which their brain processed information than those with lower levels of the vitamin Read more →

Clinical Data Shows Benefits of Vitamin E and Anti-inflammatories for Alzheimer’s

The data was gathered from 540 patients who were receiving standard treatment with a cholinesterase inhibitor such as Aricept, Exelon or Razadyne. According to the article, a percentage of the Alzheimer's patients took, in addition to the cholinesterase inhibitor, vitamin E but no anti-inflammatory, an anti-inflammatory but no vitamin E, both vitamin E and an anti-inflammatory or neither one Read more →

Study Shows Structured Exercise Can Improve Quality of Life for People with Alzheimer’s

Recently, some exciting news about improving the quality of life for those who already have Alzheimer's disease came to light in a story on Reuters Health titled, "Exercise calms agitation associated with dementia." While it's generally accepted that anything that's good for the heart is likely good for the brain, Read more →