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Study Indicates Alcohol Abuse Responsible for Up to One in Four Dementia Cases

Inspiration from a Woman With Dementia

My friend and fellow blogger, Leah, wrote this exceptional post and I thought many of you would enjoy reading it. Leah has vascular dementia. She's a teacher - Leah would say a retired teacher, but she is still teaching all of us a great deal. From Leah:

Gaining More Control

"I am getting tired of having dementia… I’m ready to give it back so that I can regain my old self.

Have you ever felt that way?  You may not have dementia.  Arthritis, poor eyesight, or any other health problem may be your bane.  Are you tired of being the way you are?

Get moving.  I forget myself when I get involved with other activities.  It was like that yesterday.  I had a volunteer luncheon to attend.  Being a member of the Board for the Cooperative Ministry on Aging, I was actively involved with preparing for the luncheon, greeting people, handling minor problems like the dancers needing a room in which to dress and an extra table needing to be put up.  NOT ONCE did I think about having dementia!  NOT ONCE did I feel “tired” of being in the condition I am in.  NOT ONCE did I feel sorry about my limitations.  Why?"

Read more from Leah about getting moving: 

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