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HBO Series on Alzheimer's begins May 10

The Web site will provide you with all the information you need about the series, plus indepth information on Alzheimer's. The site gives you information about the project, films to watch, basic information on Alzheimer's, hope through research, the national impact, how to get involved and how to get help. Read more →

Weinstein’s book is less about being a caregiver, and more about fulfilling her dreams and finding a satisfying life as a single woman. She is still married, so that new life doesn’t include dating and men, but she'd had a long marriage and though she misses a loving relationship as she ages (her husband becomes unable to be loving), she does find that, step by step, she can develop a life that doesn’t revolve around husband and family. Read more →

Afraid You May Have Early Stage Alzheimer’s? Why It Makes Sense to be Tested

The person who has developed mild symptoms may stay active and productive for a longer time if he or she is diagnosed early and treated with one of the drugs available, such as Donepezil (sold as Aricept), or often a combination of drugs such as Donepezil and Memantine (sold as Namenda). Read more →