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Written by Zina Karmer, and illlustrated by Dave Messings, this charming book tells the story of a little girl and her relationship with her grandmother. Grandma was once a wonderful playmate and delightful to be around. Then things change, and eventually grandma doesn't even recognize her little granddaughter. Read more →

“Test Your Memory” Self Test But Should Be Professionally Evaluated

For decades, the mini-mental state examination has been the gold standard of "quick exams" given by mental health professionls. This test is one that is generally part of an examination given when diagnosing dementia. While the test alone isn't conclusive Read more →

The Choices We Make Can Help Us Age “Successfully” – Or Not

There's something attractive to most people about putting right that which is wrong. We want to fix things. This attraction leads many people into lives of science, medicine and other areas where research to help those with diseases has a strong draw. These are good people. They want to make a difference in the world and combat diseases that rob people of their health. Read more →

The personal experience is Gleckman’s jumping off point, as it is with most of us who’ve written caregiving books, and work in the field. Until you’ve walked in the shoes of a caregiver, it’s hard to truly relate. Once you have been a family caregiver, it’s often hard to let go. Read more →

Cholinesterase Inhibitors Shown to Have Side Effects Serious to Some Alzheimer’s Patients

All drugs have side effects. That's pretty much a universal factor. Most drugs that pass through rigorous testing and gain FDA approval are determined to have enough benefit to make any known risks acceptable. Often, however, it takes time for all side effects to become clear. Read more →

Should Promoting the Arts as Treatment for People with Alzheimer’s Receive More Attention?

In a talk at Cheltenham Science Festival, Dr John Zeisel made it clear that current attitudes about people with Alzheimer's are outdated. In a news article on Google.com, titled, "Call to change Alzheimer's attitude,," Zeisel, president of Hearthstone Alzheimer Care, an international provider of non-pharmacological treatment for people with dementia, was quoted as saying, "We need a complete sea change in attitudes towards Alzheimer's if we are to even begin to respond to this growing health crisis." Read more →