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My colleague and fellow blogger Leah, wrote this poignant blog about how frustrating it is to live with dementia. Leah was a teacher and still is a teacher. Her attitude is amazing. But even she gets down at times. Read, here, Leah's post titled, "Life, A Bowl of Cherries?"

"I love that quote:  “Life is just a bowl of cherries…”  It describes what I am going through right now—my life with its ups and downs.  We all have them.  It’s just knowing what to do with them that counts…I’m getting tired of having dementia.  I want it to go away.  I want to brush out the cobwebs in my mind.  I’m tired of playing brain games.  My mind is tired of struggling.  I want to fire up the neurons and sharpen the synapses…I want to live and think like a normal person.  Having dementia is no fun; it is a lot of work! There!  I think I am getting the grumps out of my system…

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Yes yes yes! And I'm tired of starting to jot down a brilliant or fun or urgent note, get interrupted by the dog or telephone, and not remember what I was writing about. All this time on my hands and I can't send family or friends a note?

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