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‘Memory’ and Hospice Books Great Resources

MemoryTriggers HiMary Dear Readers: Rarely have I come across information or a product that has as much potential for professionals in assisted living and nursing homes as it does for families caring for their elders. But a new series of books called “Memory Triggers” fits that description. Nadine Rudner Brechner’s mother had Alzheimer’s disease. Brechner tried to stimulate her mother’s mind with children’s books and other easy projects, but that didn’t work well. This doesn’t surprise me. People with Alzheimer’s disease are not children, and many recognize and resent being given children’s materials, even though that is sometimes the best a caregiver can find given the mental decline of the elder... A gift from the heart:Two Harbors Press has released “Hi, I’m Mary,” an inspiring journal written by Mary Wickmann, a volunteer for Hospice of the Red River Valley. Serene photos.

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This Is actually a great resource mate!!!
you must include this into your blog...
I have twitted it already...

These look like great resources. I've retweeted them and will add this post link to my blog this week. Thanks for the info :)

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