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Getting Into Their Heads: The Advantages of Not Arguing With Someone Who Has Dementia

Normally, during his dementia, I just went along with whatever he thought. I knew in my gut, soon after surgery to drain fluid from his brain damaged during the war backfired, leaving him with a voice in his head and severe dementia. that trying to argue dad back into what most of us call the "real world" was not only senseless, but cruel. Read more →

This book is not light reading. However, the information included is important and the humanness of some of the material is surprising, given the rather imposing title and scientific appearance. I would recommend it to anyone interested in how elders are treated in our medical system Read more →

Hospice Offers Care in Nursing Homes

Dear Sandy: Hospice delivers end-of-life care to people no matter where their home is. Many people get hospice care in their own homes, but often people have lived in a nursing home for years and that is their home. Hospice works very well with nursing homes. Once a person is on hospice care, hospice directs the care but the nursing home staff is still part of the team. Read more →