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Study Shows Memantine Helps People with Alzheimer’s Communicate

When human beings loses their ability to communicate verbally, whether through stroke, Alzheimer's or some other disease, the frustration of not being able to articulate one's feelings can create anger and difficult behavior. Read more →

Northern Plains Conference on Aging and Disability September 22nd-24th

A couple of the people who are speaking have written books I've reviewed. Cheryl Woodson, MD., family caregiver and geriatrician wrote To Survive Caregiving: A Daughter's Experience, A Doctor's Advice on Finding Hope, Help and Health. Dennis McCullough, M.D. wrote My Mother, Your Mother: Embracing 'Slow Medicine,' The Compassionate Approach to Caring for Your Aging Loved Ones. Both of these doctors wrote excellent books and I'm excited to hear them speak. Read more →

Elder Care Financial Resource Locator Search Tool Available

Paying for the best care for our elders is tough. It's also tough finding out where to look for help. The Eldercare Financial Resource Locator Search Tool helps families find financial resources to pay for eldercare. It is in its early stages but basically you enter basic demographic data about the individual in need of care and the Tool provides a list of different state, federal, veterans, home equity and other resources for which they are qualified. Read more →