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Watch Medications for all Elders, Particularly Those with Dementia

After my dad's brain surgery left him demented, the doctors put him on the anti-psychotic drug Haldol. He was in the hospital and we were still being told that nothing went wrong from the surgery and he would be just fine. The fact that he had a voice in his head and was not at all the same as before was never admitted Read more →

Inattentiveness by caregiver is a problem

The caregivers seem fine and he likes them, but I’m annoyed because whenever I stop in they are talking to friends on their cell phones. I know Dad’s not good company, but that shouldn’t give them an excuse to spend their time talking on their phones. What about this? – Tracy Read more →

Why Clinics Need Unisex Bathrooms for Elders and Caregivers

He wasn't totally incontinent, and the nursing home didn't want people to get dependent on protective pads unless they really needed them. Because of this, he wasn't used to the idea of wearing a pad other than at night, and his dementia stood in the way of comprehending the situation we were in. Read more →