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Dr. Dean Shrock is convinced that mind and body work together when it comes to health. Two of his books, Doctor’s Orders: Go Fishing and Why Love Health: Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine are interesting treatises explaining the science (hard and soft) behind his teaching in the mind-body-health field. Shrock was Director of Mind Body Medicine for a physician management group of 40 cancer centers, so he has a lot of clout behind him. Read more →

Scholars Coming Forward with Their Alzheimer’s Stories Helps Reduce Stigma of Dementia

Brilliant people get Alzheimer's and other dementias. Three rather public figures that come to mind are recent Nobel prize winner, physicist Charles K. Kao, retired psychologist, professor and Alzheimer's activist Richard Taylor and the husband of retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Most of us can name a few lesser known figures, Read more →

Dental Care for Elders Important but Frustrating

Most dentists stress the importance of dental care for elders. Realism for caregivers comes into play here, as many of our elders get so they can't be transported and lifted into a dental chair for major work. Some will fight even having their mouth swabbed out by a family member. This can become a huge issue for already guilt-ridden caregivers. We want to do more for their dental health, but what? How? Read more →

The Importance of Conversing With a Person Who Has Dementia: Some Tips

After my dad had surgery to correct increasing fluid build up behind scar tissue from a World War II brain injury, he came out of the surgery totally demented. Whether the dementia came from a combination of his age and the scar tissue, anesthetic or something else, we didn't know. All we knew was that he came out of surgery with a voice in his head and very little ability to discern the difference between what was a happening in this head and the reality of this world. Read more →