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Personal Alarms Offer Indepence for Seniors and Assurance for Families

Dear Carol: My dad still lives in his own home and does quite well. However, I find myself continually worrying about him falling or something else happening. He says he doesn’t want to move to assisted living, but I want him safe. What do I do? Ginny Dear Ginny: If your dad is doing well Read more →

Help Yourself Avoid Holiday Depression By Allowing Guilt Free Imperfection

During that time, my father-in-law died. Each Christmas, I drove from home to home through a small web of streets, decorating each apartment plus the nursing home rooms of my dad and my uncle. Oh yeah, I had my house and kids to make nice, as well. Read more →

During the last few years there has been an explosion of books on Alzheimer's disease. Some are "how-to" books with specific advice on coping with the many difficulties of the disease. Many are medical in nature and some are personal stories. Most are emotionally touching in that this disease is a family disease that changes the lives of each person interacting Read more →

Holiday Celebrating Can Be Wearing When You Are a Caregiver

Abbit and I both realize the challenges of balancing the "merry" holiday season with the reality of elder care, and in my case, Christmas deaths. When you are raising children and caring for elders at the same time, the holidays can become more of a juggling act than you ever imagined possible. Read more →