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From Medicare to Insurance Scams: Some Tips for Help

Dear Readers: This is housekeeping day. Along with questions, I get a lot of tips from readers. Also, there are resources that need updating or repeating. I can’t run them all, but here are a few. Please feel free to send me your favorites. I’ll try to pass them on. Mayo Clinic Alzheimer’s newsletter: You can find this by going to www.mayoclinic.com and clicking on the letter “A” Read more →

Top Ten in 2010: Resolutions for Caregivers and Care Receivers

If you are a caregiver, you aren't necessarily all the same type of caregiver. Some of you have a loved one at home and others have a loved one in a care facility. Some of you care for one person, some of your care for several. Yhere are even more differences than those above. Some readers are adult children Read more →

Eye, Ear, Teeth Check-ups Are Difficult When Elders Have Dementia

You are helped into a chair and the doctor covers one of your eyes and asks what letters you see. What is a letter, you think, and why is he covering my face? You start to squirm and then push him away. This happens, my friends. When I took my dad to the eye doctor because he still liked to try to read bu Read more →