2010 Begins with New Hope For Woman With Dementia
Whole Family Must Be Considered When Alzheimer’s Moves In

Top Ten in 2010: Resolutions for Caregivers and Care Receivers

Not everyone reading this post is a caregiver. Some of you have Alzheimer's, some of you have vascular dementia and some of you have other illnesses leading to dementia. If you are a caregiver, you aren't necessarily all the same type of caregiver.  Some of you have a loved one at home and others have a loved one in a care facility. Some of you care for one person, some of your care for several.  Yhere are even more differences than those above. Some readers are adult children

Read more on caregiver and care receiver resolutions on HealthCentral.com/Alzheimers:

Find care agencies to help with your loved ones:

Caregiver stories from the trenches:


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Taking good care of my self before taking care of other my new year resolutions.

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