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From Fear to Faith, A Caregiver's Journey, which was endorsed by Hospice International as a tool for people who are caring for a loved one receiving palliative care. From Fear to Faith is about Joy’s journey with her dying husband. It’s a beautiful book Read more →

Think Carefully About Long-Term Issues before Cohabitating with Your Elders

Years back, having one or both parents move in with the family was relatively common. My grandmother moved in with our family when my brother and I were teens and our little sister was a toddler. My parents built a new home that could accommodate privacy for Grandma as well as a family with teenagers and a toddler. It worked. Read more →

The Sandwich Generation: Caring for Multiple Generations

Or, if there was, I didn't have time to read about it. Later, I became aware of the then emerging term "the sandwich generation." Generally speaking, this now popular and descriptive term refers to situations like mine, where adult children who have children of their own are also caring for their aging parents. Read more →

How to balance an elder’s sense of purpose and dignity with their safety

He was jabbing, with needle-nose pliers, at a light fixture in his closet. There was no bulb in the fixture and the electricity was on. Dangerous territory. Joe saw me and gleefully screeched, “Hold the ladder, Honey! I’ll be down in a minute.” Read more →

Elders’ Sense of Home Frustrates Caregiver’s Best Intentions

She is in a very good nursing home, and I visit her almost every day. She breaks my heart because she keeps saying, “I want to go home.” Her home was sold as she couldn’t live in it. What do I say? – Gwen Dear Gwen: This is a heart-wrenching problem many people face. Read more →