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PersonalPositioningCaregiving Personal Positioning for the Caregiver: Ways to stay mentally healthy while caring for your patient, by Jill Gafner, is a highly personal account of Gafner’s 15 years of caring for her husband who has had a series of health issues beginning with his diagnosis of double lung cancer.
Gafner’s journey as a caregiver has been about as challenging as any caregiver’s journey can be. She gradually made up her mind that attitude makes all the difference. She practices what she preaches using humor to buffer herself and her family from the hard knocks of their lives.
Personal Positioning is about one courageous family that has looked life in the eye and said, “Okay, this is what we have. We’re going to have fun anyway.”  The slim book, less than 60 pages in length, packs a wallop. Less like a book and more like a journal, it inspires with wit and humor. Gafner completely avoids pathos.
While Gafner’s book, available from, is sufficient unto itself, Gafner is a corporate trainer, and I would guess a very entertaining, gifted speaker. For more about Jill Gafner visit

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