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Stepping Stones in Care Series: When Outside Help Is Needed, How Do You Begin?

First in a series: Stepping Stones in Care The process of aging brings gains for those wise enough to see them, but it also brings inevitable losses. Decades of experience can be tapped by younger generations Read more →

Adult day care for Alzheimer's patients: Different Personalities

Adult day care, or day services as some are called, is one of the newer forms of caring for people who need help during the day. I toured a number of adult day centers in my community awhile back and they each had a different personality. Some are attached to nursing homes, which works great for elders who will soon need to be transitioned to a nursing home, though they can work well for other people, as well. Read more →

CNN Reports on Caregivers' Risk of Illness

Hundreds (thousands?) of studies, articles and references to the toll constant caregiving can take on the caregiver’s physical and mental health have popped up over the last years. When I first started writing about this topic, I had to dig to find references. Now they are every place. Still, the subject needs to be kept in front of caregivers and those who love them. Read more →