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Apple Juice for Alzheimer’s? Study Shows It Helps Behavior

Results of the study were published in American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias. Researchers found that, “Apple juice can be a useful supplement for calming the declining moods that are part of the normal progression of moderate-to-severe Alzheimer’s Disease.” Read more →

Culture Change Demands Person Centered Care

The agency we settled on needed to rotate staff, which is normal. However, to their credit, they tried to keep the staff consistent. For the most part, they could keep his caregivers to one of three women. He had a favorite of the three, but he knew that she couldn't work every day, so he was content with his three "girls." Read more →

Nursing Homes Can Vary Drastically In Quality

Every state has an ombudsman who is independent of the nursing homes and is charged with the duty of following up on complaints by families of vulnerable people in nursing homes. You can find your state's nursing home ombudsman by going onto your state's Web site and looking under aging services or a related name Read more →

Five Reasons Why Assisted Living May Be the Best Solution for Your Loved One

Older homes that seniors hang onto often have bathrooms and bedrooms on a second floor. I've seen seniors sleep on the living room couch because they don't want to make the trip up the stairs to go to bed. This is often unhealthy for their bodies, Read more →

Signing On to Medicare: A First Hand Experience – Part 2

Recently, I wrote about turning 65 and my foray into Medicare territory as a personal journey. Though I’m not retired, I did manage to get signed up for Medicare Part A – the Medicare we can get at 65, which at least partially covers major medical costs. For those who have a work history qualifying them for Social Security, there is no charge. Read more →

Signing On to Medicare: A First Hand Experience – Part 1

As with so many things in life, firsthand experience often exceeds “book learning.” The most compelling reason for me to work long and hard in the elder care field stemmed from my two decades of eldercare. With a combined total of seven elders to care for, I learned a great deal Read more →