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How Did Your 2010 Resolutions Go?

To many of us, a new year signifies a new start. We decide that, when the new year arrives, we will eat in a more healthful manner, exercise more, stand up to family members, friends or co-workers who are treating us disrespectfully, stop swearing, be a better spouse or parent and, of course, be a better caregiver. And we sometimes do these things, for at least a day. Well, a few hours, maybe. Then, we mess up. Read more →

Caregivers May Wonder about Quality of Life for Elders

As a person who was the primary caregiver for multiple elders, many of whom lived for years with debilitating medical problems, I join the ranks of those who have wondered about the price we pay for being “saved” from diseases, only to live for years in a much diminished state. Please don’t misinterpret what I’m saying. I loved my elders, and wouldn’t willingly have given up a moment that I spent with them. I think it’s wonderful that people can be rushed to an emergency room and have procedures done to save Read more →

In-home Care Can Fill A Variety of Needs

In-home care is one of the most flexible types of care for the varying needs of our aging loved ones. As a family caregiver with multiple elders to care for, I used in-home care for both short-term and long-term situations. While getting used to "strangers" in the home was an adjustment for my elders, the advantages were worth the stress of change. Read more →

Geriatric Care Managers Can Help Emotional Caregivers

Dear Carol: My mom is 86 and widowed. While I live over 800 away, I talk to her several times a week. Since my Dad’s death 5 years ago, Mom’s slowly sunk into isolation, loneliness and self-medication with alcohol. She’s showing some signs that her perspective on life and her sense of time are both changing. Read more →

It's Christmas Day: Are You Enjoying It?

Many people are celebrating Christmas Day, today, December 25th. Caregivers may find the word “celebrating” a little over the top, but don’t be too dismissive. If you are caring for a parent or spouse who doesn’t recognize you for who you are, that doesn’t mean your efforts are unappreciated. Know that on some level, your love is appreciated. Celebrate that. Read more →

Protecting Caregiver Health: When the Caregiver's Health Fails the Care

Think of it like this: Caregivers are the base of a pyramid. When the base collapses, the whole pyramid crashes. Many of us are "natural caregivers." We put other people's needs ahead of our own. It feels good to give. However, everyone has a breaking point. Read more →

Should You Pester Your Parents to Move Near Family?

Long-distance caregiving is tough. Adult children often worry about how their aging parents are doing, especially if the distance is so great that the family only gets together once or twice a year. This often leads to the kids, with the best of intentions, pressuring their parents to move closer to them Read more →