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Consistent Assignment Of Caregivers Is A Huge Plus For Elders

Chronic Falls Need Attention

Dear Carol: My mother lives alone. I visit her daily and help her around the house, plus I get her medications ready. The problem is that she has fallen many times. Fortunately, each time has been shortly before I’ve arrived at her apartment, and she hasn’t been seriously hurt. However, it’s very hard for me to get her up. I’m afraid I’ll hurt her. She seems too healthy for a nursing home, but I’m not sure what to do and I worry she’ll fall and have to lie on the floor all night. Worry Wart 

Dear Worry: Your dilemma is familiar. My mother fell at least once a week, and I had a very hard time getting her up. I had to call for emergency help far too often, and that isn’t really what 911 calls are for. I’ve joked, with a hint of seriousness, that every city needs one trained person on call 24/7 to help pick up elders who have fallen.

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