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Notes and treats substitute for visits during flu outbreak

Dear Carol: Last year, during a flu outbreak, the nursing home where my mom lives wouldn’t allow visitors for over a week. I understand why they did that, but it was very hard on Mom to not have me tend to her needs. Any advice if this happens this year? Angie Dear Angie: When both of my parents lived in a nursing home, the same thing happened to us. To prevent the spread of the flu virus to vulnerable elders in the nursing home, Read more →

Hospitalization of elders traumatizing and often unnecessary, according to study

My mother-in-law had lived in an excellent nursing home for a couple of years when she contracted pneumonia. Her personality, even before her dementia set in, was shy, anxious and extremely modest, physically. She didn’t like people touching her. With dementia, her anxiety became worse Read more →

Elders Can Be Adept at Covering Memory Problems

Adult children can be slow to discover memory problems with their elders, as people with memory problems often find efficient coping mechanisms which help them cover memory issues. If the elder is married, the spouse is often complicit in this cover-up, sometimes without conscious knowledge. Long married people often fill in the blanks for each other automatically. Read more →

Caregiver Stress And Depression Topic Close To Home

While caregivers have an abundance of specific questions about their care receiver's needs, a recent survey by suggests that caregiver depression and caregiver stress are the most requested topics - and why not? Caregiving can isolate us from society at large. It can bring on guilt, generally unearned, over not being able to do our caregiving job to perfection. It can bring on our own health proble Read more →