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Dear Carol: My 88-year-old father lives with me. I’m divorced and have a teenage son at home. My son has some responsibilities regarding my dad, his grandfather, who had dementia, and this is causing problems between us. I feel so torn between the two. Any advice? Teen’s Mom

Dear Teen’s Mom: Making choices between the needs of our children and the needs of our aging relatives is painful and often confusing for most of us who have needed to do this. You have a more difficult situation than many, since you are single and your dad lives with your and your teenage son.

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Good idea and advice Carol. And i think its a parent responsibility to explain to their child what was the situation of his grandfather. But i salute you because you're a single parent.

Sounds like a tough job. If your father has any long term care insurance,you might benefit from caregiver help in your home. If not, see if Medicare will help with anything. An adult daycare center may give both of you a break. Best of luck.

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