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Teenage tips: How to take care of elderly parents

I am 13 and I am in 7th grade. I am planning to go to high school to complete an IB (International Baccalaureate) program. Then I will go to Stanford and try to get into the horse program and major in biotechnology. After college I will get a job, a house and eventually a family. When I am grown up my parents will start needing my help. Read more →

Mom thinks I’m stealing her treasures

Dear Carol: My 88-year-old mother still lives independently, but has recently developed some paranoia. It’s mostly centered on me, as I’m the family member who is with her the most. She misplaces objects and then accuses me of stealing what she can’t find. Even when we find the object, she accuses me of moving it and lying. Read more →

Hiring In-Home Caregivers: Are You Prepared to Do the Necessary Background and Training Check?

For many people, the economy is still tough going. The high unemployment we are still facing adds desperation to a mix of people who may be good hearted - or not - but who are aware of the gaps between the need for in-home care for elders and the money to pay for it. Home caregivers need to be careful about who they hire to help them with their caregiving. Read more →