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Should you try to convince your parents to move closer to you?

I live in a cold climate - the type of climate many retirees want to escape. It seems a good portion of our high plains population spends a decade or more living in Florida or Arizona. That's all well and good while they are healthy. However, when the elders start to have health issues, many adult children want their parents to "move back home." Read more →

Nutritional help for elders with little or no appetite

Dear Carol: Is it safe, or even helpful, to add powdered supplements to my grandfather's food to help him gain weight? My grandfather is 92 years old, and has been losing weight the past few months. He just picks at his food most of the time, but when the ice cream comes out he gobbles it up. His weight is down to 115 pounds, so at this point, if he eats ice cream all day we are fine with that. We’re just wondering how to sneak some nutrition into his food. Rhonda Dear Rhonda: To start, I’d check Read more →