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Having trouble getting your elder to wear incontinence protection?

Many elders need so protection for occasional incontinence. Others need major protection all of the time. No matter the type of protection needed, the idea of needing anything at all can be offending to the elder. Convincing the person to wear protection can be an art. Read more →

Mom doesn’t want to give up the checkbook

Dear Carol: My mom is 93 years old and she's making mistakes with her check book. She hasn’t been diagnosed with dementia, but she may have it. She’s always been very independent and proud of how she manages money. How do I approach her, and how do I take over without a fight? Dreading the thought Dear Dreading: If your mother is showing other signs of dementia, such as poor judgment Read more →

Eating disorders can affect middle aged women; could caregivers be at risk?

Middle aged women who have become caregivers report many health issues because they feel that their lives are spinning out of control. Depression and weight loss, or weight gain, are common symptoms reported. Could the recurrence of a previous eating disorder, or the development of a new one, be far behind? Read more →

Handyman Services for Seniors: A Growing Need

Today, many families are scattered hundreds of miles away from their home towns. Because of this diaspora, elders who often in the past could count on adult children or grandchildren to help with household chores they no longer could handle may no longer be able to do so. Many seniors need this type of help long before they need personal care. Handyman businesses are not plentiful, but they seem to be a growing trend in some areas. Read more →