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As an on and off yoga practitioner for decades - the poses, not in-depth yoga practice - I can vouch for the fact that yoga has helped keep me flexible. Yoga is a wonderful stress reliever for caregivers that can be done at home. 

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I also want to note a related product that was sent to for review. While, yoga has helped my back muscle tension, I still use acupressure, plus heat and ice therapy to manage some spasms. So, I tried the sample Halsa Mat which delivers acupressure at home. And I do mean it delivers - at least for me.

When I opened the package and picked up the mat, which has one side covered in spiky, plastic protrusions, the spikes kind of hurt my fingers, so I was a not too sure about it. However, after reading the directions, I did try the mat on my back. When the full back is pressed against the mat, the sensation, for me, was not unpleasant and soon became very relaxing. The "spikes" pushed into my tense back muscles effectively with just the right pressure. The mat can also be used as I sit, which I find helpful, as I like to for recreation.

The idea for this type of acupressure comes from India and the “bed of nails.” However, the technique is now broadly used in Sweden, which is where this mat was designed.

I feel this mat could be one more option for caregivers with limited money, time or ability to get out for massage and other therapies to relieve stress. Note: I'd be very careful of using the mat for elders, since their skin can be quite fragile. Check with a doctor before using the mat for an elderly person, or if you have any skin issues. You can find the mat and more iunformation at

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yoga techniques are very help full in reducing stress.
thanks for the post.

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