Coping with the Stigma of Dementia
Wishing an elderly, ailing parent could die and feeling guilty

How can you date while you are a caregiver?

When I look at this first step, I relate it to a young mother with kids. I rarely compare elder care to child care, because I find that comparison demeaning to the elder, but there are times when it’s nearly unavoidable. This is one of those times. Because your parents may be at a time and place in their lives where they are vulnerable, and could easily jump to the conclusion that your will not have time for them if you find romantic love in your life, I’d advise you don’t bring home every “perhaps” date you go on. If your friend sets you up with a date, go ahead, but give it time before you take the plunge with a whole family introduction.

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Taking care of your loved ones can be a strain for sure. This article was a great read, however. Thanks for this!

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