Making holidays special for your elders in any environment
Thanksgiving: finding gratitude in caregiving

Be thankful that imperfection is good enough

Dear Readers: Thanksgiving is nearly here. The holiday that is meant to remind us of all we have to be grateful for. However, it can also work against caregivers, increasing their feelings of anxiety and guilt around not doing everything perfectly for everyone who depends on them.

During my sandwich generation years, the feeling of being torn between all of the people I loved was acute. How do I give my kids the kind of holidays kids deserve and still take care of several family elders? Which of the elders would benefit from picking them up at their various locations and transporting them to our home? How do we help them navigate our home’s steps, use the bathroom without embarrassment or discomfort, and take part in the larger context of the family setting? Who among them would only be made more anxious and confused by our attempts to make them part of the traditional family celebration?

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