What can caregiver do when no one comes to visit or call an elder?
How do we keep our elders safe and still maintain their sense of dignity?

When your parent repeats "I want to go home"

A tip, here, for people who still have their elder at home, but the elder still asks to "go home." Understand what the person wants and then try the same distraction or relearning technique. Some people go as far as taking the person in the car and driving around the block, then re-entering the house. This can work for awhile, but not likely that long. No matter what you do, you will hear it again: "I want to go home." The point here is that no matter what you do or say, likely you will continue to hear the plea to "go home."

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Home is where the heart is they say. There is a bittersweet feeling of missing one's home.

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