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Double the stress: having two parents with Alzheimer's

Many of us feel alone when we are trying to care for our aging parents and there are no siblings to help, or if siblings won't help with caregiving. When we have one parent who has dementia, it is hard. When we have two, it is often nearly unbearable.

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When you don’t have any sibling, in that case you can hire a home care facility. They will provide you a caregiver who will stay with your elderly at home.

Adult day care centers can literally be a life saver for caregivers, plus many elders enjoy the social environment a great deal and look forward to their day care days. Thanks for checking in.

It could be really stressful to have both parents with Alzheimer's disease, but I think it's less stressful now that there's an adult day care centers. It helps to see someone take care of your parents, it eases the stress, and you'll get the idea too on how to be more patient with them.

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