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Is Alzheimer’s disease the default diagnosis for confused elders?

Alzheimer’s organizations have worked diligently to raise public awareness of the disease. Their efforts are paying off handsomely. I’d challenge nearly anyone to find a friend or neighbor who hasn’t heard enough about Alzheimer’s disease to give some type of description of the symptoms. The downside of this awareness, however, is that even doctors can jump to possibly faulty conclusions when they see an elderly person showing signs of memory loss or significant confusion.

Read more about the frequent misdiagnosis of Alzheimer's disease:

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It is indeed one of the worst geriatric health problems -where the diseased as well as the family members/caregiver are totally affected.

I only wish we could create more awareness for the disease as it affects the qualitiy of life for the patient and there are drugs to improve that if diagnosed at an early stage. Of course it cant be cured the AD is a problem which todays world face as longevity has improved tremendously.


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