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Cutting use of antipsychotic drugs in Alzheimer’s

Once again, antipsychotic drugs are in the news. Often used to control symptoms of agitation and aggression in people with Alzheimer’s, antipsychotics occasionally have their place. However, during the last few years there’s been an outcry from agencies and the public that nursing homes and doctors have misused the drugs. Now, the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is officially aiming to cut the use of these drugs by 15 percent.

Read more about the CMS rules decision about cutting use of antipsychotic use in nursing homes:

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Amazing, isn't it? Thanks for your input!

Thanks for posting this vital information.The Eli Lilly company made an astounding $65 BILLION on Zyprexa that they PUSHED on the elderly and underage children (*Viva Zyprexa* Lilly sales rep slogan) with wanton disregard for the side effects
The Zyprexa antipsychotic drug,whose side effects can include weight gain and diabetes, was sold to Veterans,children in foster care, elderly in nursing homes.
*Five at Five* was the Zyprexa sales rep slogan, meaning *5mg dispensed at 5pm would keep patients quiet*.

*Tell the truth don't be afraid*-- Daniel Haszard

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