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Dementia Boot Camp: Training to Be a Caregiver, Part 2

Dementia Boot Camp: Training to Be a Caregiver, Part 1

Please wipe this mess off of my face. Please! 

Don’t go so fast, I can’t swallow! I’m not ready for a drink yet. 

Is this bite going to be hot or cold? Sweet or bitter? Pureed meat or pudding?   

Please wipe my face! 

Let me start at the beginning: A couple of weeks ago, I attended a training program at Bethany Homes, a care facility near my home. They make this sensitivity training program mandatory for their staff. Bethany uses a combination of “Dignity & Sensitivity: The Ultimate Boot Camp,” from Gemini Consulting and the “Virtual Dementia Tour” (VDT), a program from Second Wind Dreams. 

Because I am an elder care columnist, I volunteered to go through the training. When I arrived at my appointed time, I was excited and a bit stressed. I knew it wouldn’t be a picnic, but I also knew I wanted to have this experience. 

So it began.

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