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How do I accept that Mom needs hospice care

Dear Carol:  My mother is 82 and has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. She also suffers from mid-stage dementia. A friend of mine who died from cancer received wonderful care from an area hospice, and I’d like to see my mother have this kind of care. The problem I’m having is making myself go through the process. Mom knows that hospice means she has been designated terminally ill, though I don’t know how cognitively aware she’ll be when we put everything in place. Since she’s stated in the past that hospice is a good organization, I don’t know why I’m struggling with this.  -Sheila

Read about accepting the fact that our parent is nearing death:

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I recently went through the same struggle with my very sick mother-in-law. She refused to acknowledge the gravity of her sickness until the very end. She believed in the power of positive bringing up hospice to her would have put a damper on that. She passed away quickly so the decision didn't have to be made..

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