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Alzheimer’s treatments undergoing late-stage trials

Three treatments for Alzheimer’s disease are undergoing late-stage trials. If none of these treatments can be considered a success once the trials are finished, Alzheimer’s researchers will need to consider starting over on another track in their quest to prevent or cure Alzheimer’s disease. Existing drugs for Alzheimer’s can slow the symptoms of Alzheimer’s for some people, but they don’t affect the underlying mechanism of the disease. 

So far, the first of these late-stage trials has proven to be a failure. Pfizer Inc., said that Bapineuzumab, Pfizer's experimental Alzheimer's disease treatment “failed to prove effective in one of four late-stage trials in patients with mild to moderate forms of the memory-robbing disease. The drug failed to improve cognitive and life function, the primary goals of the trial, compared with patients taking placebos. Pfizer will continue to conduct the remaining tests to see how the treatment performs under different criteria.” 

Read more about 3  trials on Alzheimer's treatment:

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