The “Hidden” Costs When We Quit our Jobs to Care for Our Loved Ones
Elders Covering for Each Other Can Hide Dementia Symptoms

Caregivers Coping with Criticism from the from the Care Receiver

Each care situation was different. I started with an aged neighbor, then moved on to a childless aunt and uncle, my in-laws and eventually my parents. All of them appreciated me. However they each had moments when, because of their own misery, they’d lash out at me in some way.

When I returned to full-time outside employment, I was still caring for three elders, though they were in a nursing home. I’d spoiled my elders by being with them every day no matter how much outside help they had. With full-time employment mixed in, I still visited almost every day and attended to every request. However, from my elders' perspective, my nearly exclusive attention from my pre-employment years was missed and noted.

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