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Aging Eyes Could Play Role in a Number of Diseases

Elders Covering for Each Other Can Hide Dementia Symptoms

Long married couples are often said to “finish each others sentences.” They work as a unit, and friends and family members are used to this interaction. This ability to work as a team is a wonderful thing until one of the team isn’t functioning well and the other is in denial. When couples cover up for each other, precious time can be lost. So, adult children need to be on the lookout for signs that things aren’t going well. 

Deciding when to act

Healthy aging brings with it some losses, but if seniors have a mate, they often can live independently for a longer time as they fill in the gaps for each other. Dad’s hearing is getting dim, but Mom coaches him and he does okay. Mom’s driving is questionable, but Dad does most of the driving when they are in high traffic areas, so she still gets around fine.

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