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Elders Vulnerable to Abuse in Domestic Situations

Most of us want the best possible care for our aging parents. There are many ways to provide good care, one of which is bringing our parent or parents to live with us, or taking our family to live with them. Sometimes that works out wonderfully. But sometimes it doesn’t. Not everyone is cut out for the day to day stress of hands-on caregiving, let alone 24-hour caregiving in their own home. What can start out as a loving gesture can end up a nightmare.

Stress can push caregivers over the edge. Even if a caregiver has had a great relationship with his or her parents, when the stress of working a regular job, perhaps raising children, common financial problems, and giving proper attention to a marriage merge with caring for an aging parent – perhaps one who has Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia – the stress load can become unbearable.

Elders can be subject to abuse in home situations:

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I agree with every word in this post. The more we talk about it, the more awareness it will get.

We published a three part blog last month about the subject:


Will certainly purchase the book.

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