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How Helpful Will FDA Approved Test for Alzheimer’s Be?

The contradictory nature of new studies and approaches to fight Alzheimer’s disease can be mindboggling. Just as a new approach seems to show great promise, follow up information can seem to throw cold water on it, diminishing the promised results. Case in point: on April 9, 2012 a Wall Street Journal online article announced that the FDA has approved a test a that detects protein levels in the brain indicating Alzheimer’s disease. Read more →

Chronic Inflammation Shows Strong Link to Alzheimer’s According to Study

Acute inflammation is the body's natural response to tissue damage. Its purpose is to defend the body against harmful substances, dispose of dead or dying tissue and to promote the renewal of normal tissue. Therefore, inflammation is normal if we are ill from a virus or bacterial infection or we injure ourselves.However, chronic inflammation is different. Read more →

Training Frontline Caregivers Essential to Care

A few years back, I had a chance to go through a rigorous caregiver’s experience by attending “Dementia Boot Camp.” Though I felt I was as good a caregiver to the multiple elders in my family as I could be, this experience, which through a combination of high and low tech methods threw me into the world of helplessness that dementia patients feel, was life changing. Read more →

Family Caregivers Provide Nursing Services with Little Professional Support

According to Carol Levine of the United Hospital Fund, a longtime researcher and family herself, and Susan Reinhard of the AARP Public Policy Institute, few non-caregivers have any real idea of how much care an in-the-trenches family caregiver provides. Read more →

Helping Aging Parents from a Distance Is Challenging

Dear Carol: I live 500 miles away from my aging parents. They are starting to need some help, but they don’t want to move to be near me. My husband and I can’t quit our jobs and move back to our home town, either. How do I go about looking for help for Mom and Dad from so far away? – Lori Read more →

Cancer Drug Disables Toxic Alzheimer’s Protein gSAP

The anti-cancer drug Gleevec has been shown to disable a newly discovered key protein linked to the development of Alzheimer’s. The protein, gSAP, stimulates production of toxic beta-amyloid which is linked to the development of plaques in the brain typically associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Read more →

Can Caregivers Be Subject to Abuse by Care Receivers?

When we think of domestic abuse in a family where elders are cared for, we generally think that the elder is the most likely person to suffer abuse. Statistics would probably prove this to be a fact. However, there are many caregivers who can truthfully say that they are emotionally, verbally and even occasionally physically abused by their care receiver. Read more →

Elders Vulnerable to Abuse in Domestic Situations

Most of us want the best possible care for our aging parents. There are many ways to provide good care, one of which is bringing our parent or parents to live with us, or taking our family to live with them. Sometimes that works out wonderfully. But sometimes it doesn’t. Not everyone is cut out for the day to day stress of hands-on caregiving, let alone 24-hour caregiving in their own home. What can start out as a loving gesture can end up a nightmare. Read more →