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Caregiving and Emotional Eating

Somewhere deep in our subconscious most of us learn to connect food – at least certain types of food – with nurturing, comfort and solace. Caregivers, stressed to the max from trying to stay ahead of the needs of elders or others who depend on their care, often turn to food to comfort themselves or to relax. There tends to be a "I deserve this" mentality, and caregivers do, indeed, deserve to be pampered somehow. It's human and actually very good to want to comfort ourselves when we are stressed or even bored.

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Having a full time job and caring for a husband with AD would stress anyone to the max, Sheri. I'm glad you have a spiritual connection. However, you are right that we all need human connections, as well. You may want to give Well Spouse Association a try at It's not the answer for everyone, but many find help. Also, the forum I moderate at can be helpful, though most people on the site are adult children.

Thanks for posting this article. it fits me perfectly. Although it is my husband I care for and I have a fulltime time job, my stress gets the best of me from a emotional standpoint. It is an emotional void that I am trying to fill, from lack of a spousal relationship. I have a higher power believe but lack of connection here on earth is hard for me. Sheri
(Living in the shadow of alzheimers blog)

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